Tommy Tee – Bonds, Beats & Beliefs 2xLP

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Tommy Tees debutalbum fra 1998 kom endelig på dobbel vinyl i 2016. I nytt design i forbindelse med 9xLP vinylboksen.

Side A
Bonds intro
International Connects (feat. Mike Zoot & El Da Sensei)
The Reply (feat. Father Blanco, Karma, Opaque, N-Light-N & Diaz)
Horizon (feat. Mr. Eon, Tru Personna, Black Sun & Basheeba Earth)
So Fantastic (feat. N-Light-N)

Side B
Blood Rush (feat. P-Dap & F.T.)
The Conjunction (feat. Zombi Squad)
Takin’ Ova (feat. Shabam Sahdeeq, Reservoir Doggs, Joe Sexx & Mr. Eon)
Educated (feat. Opaque & Line)
Primoz II (feat. The Trinity: El Santo, The Eye & Father Blanco)

Side C
That’s My Fucking Word (feat. COD Crew)
It’s All True (feat. COD Crew & Debbie Dro)
Aerodynamics (feat. N-Light-N, Tech Rock & Father Blanco)
Intense (feat. Craig G & Will Pack)
Hip-Hop Love (feat. Shawn J Period, Wizdom Life & Star Orion)

Side D
Day By Day (feat. Wordsworth, A.L., Talib Kweli & Punchline)
Defenders Of The North Sea (feat. Diaz)
Crown Holders (feat. Skam2, Igoff & Hazadous)
Spectators (feat. Opaque & Tech Rock)
Takin’ Ova (feat. Tech rock, N-Light-N, Diaz, Karma, Opaque & Father Blanco)

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