Tommy Tee – Bonds, Beats & Beliefs vol 2 LP

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Oppfølgeren til Tommy Tees debutalbum Bonds, Beats & Beliefs. Sluppet i 2016 på et lite opplag på dobbel LP eller som del av vinylboksen.

Side A
The Plague (feat. Father Blanco, Opaque, Tech Rock and introducing Hunter)
International Connects part III (feat. Izeis & Oscar Blesson)
Anti Social (feat. SAS & Billy Danze)
Going On (feat. Mike Zoot)

Side B
Greenz Interlude (feat. Brighta Star )
Uno Mas (feat. Skam2 & Low Life)
Lonely One (feat. Daytone & Downtown Dion)
Run The Streets (feat. Contagious)

Side C
Ballad Of Dope
Gloomz (feat. Oscar Blesson)
Quantum Leap (feat. Craig G & Ida Divine)
Happiness Is… (feat. 88 Keys, Matt Fingaz, F.T. & Father Blanco)

Side D
Barack Bama (feat. Madcon, Son Of Light & Noora Noor)
Samson’s (feat. Samson A.K.A. The Black Ripper)
Greenz Interlude 2 (feat. Blackfyah)
Like Lady Saw (feat. Trap Cuidad & Adrian Lau)
I See You (feat. Daytona)
Shadow Government (feat. Warlocks, Opaque, Son Og Light Diaz & Father Blanco)

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